IT-Libraries Test Engine

Test Engine FAQ

Q: Does IT-Libraries provide the software needed for opening VCE/ETE files?
A: All IT-Libraries premium questions and answers come in PDF and VCE format. Our VCE files are also compatible with a free version of VCE software available here. This is not a software developed by IT-Libraries nor do we offer support for it. We stopped providing ETE files with our premium questions and answers.

Q: Can I open any VCE file with the free VCE player?
A: No, it’s unlikely that you will be able to use the free VCE player provided by us with any other VCE files except the ones that come with the IT-Libraries premium questions and answers.

Q: Where can find other VCE/ETE software that can work with my VCE/ETE file?
A: You can download the official VCE application here and the ETE here.

Q: I have an ETE/VCE file and want to use it without buying the application, what can I do?
A: Since we have received a lot of questions/requests on this subject we decided to make a free service for all the ETE/VCE users out there that want to save a buck. You can find more details below before the comment section.

Free ETE/VCE Workaround

With the support of our moderators we decided to lend a hand to you people that want to study the content of a VCE/ETE without installing the application. We know how hard it is to find good content and as always we put our users above all, without futher introduction this what we can do:
1) If you have a VCE/ETE please post a comment below with a download link for the file.
2) One of our moderators will check the file you posted and see if we can convert it to PDF for you.
3) This is a free and best effort service so please be patient it may take up to a few days for your request to be served.

If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below or contact out support center at


Exam Test Engine (ETE)

What is Exam Testing Engine (ETE)?

Exam Testing Engine is a test simulator designed concretely for exam preparation. It turns a boring preparation process into dynamic and interactive exam test. ETE allows you to create, edit, and take practice tests in an environment very similar to an actual exam.

Where can I download Exam Testing Engine (ETE)?

This is quite simple, you can download all versions of Exam Testing Engine (ETE) from Vumingo website.

This is a 3rd party software independent of IT-Libraries.

What can I do on Exam Testing Engine (ETE)?

Realistic exam simulation
Whole exam in a single file
Question types diversity
Saving and restoring of testing sessions
Store test result history
Detailed score reports

Note: Exam Testing Engine (ETE) is a 3rd party software and is not supported by IT-Libraries.

For any questions please contact our support team via email at

Virtual Certification Exam (VCE)

What are .vce?

This are files created to be used with test engines A+ Player and VCE Player. All our .vce files are not encrypted and work perfectly under both players.

How can I open and use .vce files?

In order to open the .vce files you have 2 options:

Option 1. A+ Player – Android App – Free to use.
You can download it from here and use it under most android OS’s
If you want to use A+ Player on your PC then you need to install an emulator like Bluestack and run A+ Player under the Android Emulator. There is a guide available here with more details.

Option 2. VCE Player from Avanset – subscription required.
This is a test engine designed by Avanset to open and work with .vce files.
You can download the software from their website here.
Note: Both test engines are external to IT-Libraries and we offer no support for them.