Q. Why can’t I open the downloaded files?

A. All our files are provided in a .rar archive. Please make sure you have rar installed, this is a freeware archive software and can be downloaded from here.

Q. Where can I download my product?

A.After your payment is processed you will be redirect back to itlibraries where you will be able to download your product, also you will receive a automatic email with your order. In the email there is a link where you can download the files right away. Please take note that you can download the file for 30 days as many times as you want.

Q. Why can’t I open the .vce files?

A. This files are meant to be used for test engine capabilities, please check our Test Engine page for more details.

Q. Are this the questions I will have for my certification exam?

A. Yes, our experts are checking and updating the certification bundles with every update on the exam.

Q. Is this enough for me to pass the certification exam?

A. Yes, this should be enough to pass the exam but we do recommend you to read official study guides from the certification vendor in order to understand the technologies better.

Q. Why the date from the “Reviewed on” is different then the “Updated on” on the products?
A. Our team verifies the accuracy of our products on a regular basis and when a products is confirmed to be accurate the “Reviewed on” time is updated. If changes need to be made on the product due to lack of accuracy, curriculum changes etc then the product is updated and “Updated on” date is changed.

If you have further questions please drop us a message in the comment section or contact us via email at support@itlibraries.com .


  1. Anonymous - Reply

    i have got Cisco 200-301 exam questions but have found several error some questions are wrong q 66 for example you also have a number of typo errors can you please fix this as this is misleading for for people

    • IT-Libraries - Reply

      Thank you for your feedback,

      We confirm that Q66 in the premium dumps has the wrong answer and will be corrected on the next update.

      QUESTION 66
      Which command enables a router to become a DHCP client?
      A. ip address dhcp
      B. ip dhcp client
      C. ip helper-address
      D. ip dhcp pool

      Correct Answer is A

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this.
      Regarding the type-o’s we will have the content reviewed.

      For future questions regarding the CCNA Exam please post them in the comment area here https://itlibraries.com/dumps/cisco-200-301-exam/ or https://itlibraries.com/dumps/cisco-200-301-exam/200-301-faq/

      Thank you!

  2. doutland@yahoo.com - Reply


    I purchased the 350-401 test and I Need a recept of my purchase. I got the link via mail but I Need for my Company a recept.

    my email is doutland@yahoo.com

    • IT-Libraries - Reply

      As a proof of payment, we only provide the receipt that comes with from Paypal payment.

  3. IT-Libraries - Reply

    Thank you for your feedback,
    Our team will analyse the concerns regarding the Question 6 and correct the answer if confirmed to be right.

    Yes there are a few questions that repeat (mainly to emphisis some questions while using the test engine), this is done for multiple purposes and dosen’t dimish the value of the content.

    The Drag and Drops in the VCE are picture based, the simple fact that you can’t literally drag the boxes is not relevant to the information or the concept that you try to emulate. Since we try to make everything available on the website too, this way we balanced practicability with functionality.

    If you have further remarks regarding this exam please post them here https://itlibraries.com/dumps/cisco-350-401-exam/ or here https://itlibraries.com/dumps/cisco-350-401-exam/350-401-faq/

    Have a nice day!

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