CCNA Access List Simlet

An administrator is trying to ping and telnet from Switch to Router with the results shown below:

Click the console connected to RouterC and issue the appropriate commands to answer the questions.

For this question we only need to use the show running-config command to answer all the questions below:

Router#show running-config

Which will fix the issue and allow ONLY ping to work while keeping telnet disabled?
A. Correctly assign an IP address to interface fa0/1
B. Change the ip access-group command on fa0/0 from “in” to “out”
C. Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 115 in
D. Remove access-group 102 out from interface s0/0/0 and add access-group 114 in
E. Remove access-group 106 in from interface fa0/0 and add access-group 104 in


What would be the effect of issuing the command ip access-group 114 in to the fa0/0 interface?
A. Attempts to telnet to the router would fail
B. It would allow all traffic from the network
C. IP traffic would be passed through the interface but TCP and UDP traffic would not
D. Routing protocol updates for the network would not be accepted from the fa0/0 interface


What would be the effect of issuing the command access-group 115 in on the s0/0/1 interface?
A. No host could connect to Router through s0/0/1
B. Telnet and ping would work but routing updates would fail
C. FTP, FTP-DATA, echo, and www would work but telnet would fail
D. Only traffic from the network would pass through the interface

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